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Brunswick Fire Department

Terms of Authorization for Permitted Burns

   A permit is granted in good faith that the fire is carefully watched and controlled by a sufficient force of adults and adequate equipment. You shall be liable for suppression costs if the fire escapes due to negligence or not following the safety requirements listed on the permit document. All open burning shall be in conformity to existing laws and regulations of the Maine Forest Service, Department of Environmental Protection and local municipal ordinances. In accordance with Title 12 statutes, the out-of-door burning of plastic, Styrofoam, metals, food wastes, chemicals, treated wood or other solid wastes, except for wood wastes, is prohibited in all areas of the State. Any person who engages in out of door burning and who fails to comply with any stated permit conditions or restrictions, commits a Class E crime.

  • You must be at least 18 to obtain an Open Burning Permit.
  • It is illegal to burn without a permit in the state of Maine.
  • You must sign the permit and have it in your possession while burning.
  • If someone complains, we are obligated to investigate and possibly extinguish any fire.
  • All fires must be extinguished on the permitted date, please check the regulations page for specific times
  • You may not start a fire with ANY accelerant.
  • Common materials that you MAY NOT burn include: paper, cardboard, plastics, chemicals, rubber, tires, pressure treated or finished wood, rubbish, refuse, or garbage, demolition debris such as insulation, styrofoam, metal, sheetrock, asphalt shingles, or wire insulation.
  • Burning prohibited materials or in violation of other permit restrictions may result in extinguishment of your fire, ineligibility for future permits and/or a summons to appear in court.
when you have read and understand these terms or agree to them...