Regulations for Open Burning

In General it is illegal to burn without a permit in the State of Maine; specific regulations can be found at "State of Maine, Rules and Guidelines for Open Burning

If the fire department receives a complaint regarding open burning, we are obligated to investigate and possibly extinguish any fire.

All fires must be extinguished by sunset of the permitted date.

You may not use ANY accelerant to start a fire.

Only natural materials may be burned.

Common materials that you MAY NOT burn include: paper, cardboard, plastics, chemicals, rubber, tires, pressure treated or finished wood, rubbish, refuse, or garbage, demolition debris such as insulation, styrofoam, metal, sheetrock, asphalt shingles, or wire insulation.

Burning prohibited materials or in violation of other permit restrictions may result in extinguishment of your fire, ineligibility for future permits and/or a summons to appear in court.