Q:  The site says it is offline, why?
A:  The Maine Forest Service issues the class day around 9:05am.
At that time the Fire Chief or his designee will activate the program or display a message as to why permits will not be issued.
Q:  Can I get a burning permit at my local fire station?
A:  Yes If prior arrangements are made with the Chief or Deputy Chief.
Q:  The online burning permit requests a password where do I obtain this password.
A:  This pass word is created by the user and can be as simple as 1234. The password is used to help identify the user so that database information can be accessed for repeat users.
Q:  What do I do If I have problems getting my online permit?
A: Please contact the Chief or Deputy Chief.
Q:  Do I have to be able to print the permit?
A:  Yes, you must have a printed copy of the permit in hand.
Q:  It has been more than 15 minutes, why hasn't my permit been approved?
A:  Please be patient and your request will be handled as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that the Chief and Deputy Chief have full time jobs outside of the department. You can attempt to contact them via cellphone.