Q:  The site says it is offline, why?
A:  The Maine Forest Service issues the class day around 8:30am.
At that time the Fire Chief or his designee will activate the program or display a message as to why permits will not be issued.
Q:  Can I get a burning permit at my local fire station?
A:  Yes. Permits are issued at the following fire station(s):
      399 W Mills Rd
Q:  Why didn't I receive an e-mail for my permit?
A:  The new system will not automatically email permitee's.
Q:  What do I do If I have problems getting my online permit?
A:  You may come to the Fire station located at , a burning permit can be issued to you there.
Q:  Do I have to be able to print the permit?
A:  Yes, you must have a printed copy of the permit in hand.
Q:  Can I get help via E-mail?
A:  Yes, request help here, and your problem will be addressed as soon as possible.
Q:  It has been more than 15 minutes, why hasn't my permit been approved?
A:  Please be patient and your request will be handled as soon as possible.