Gorham Fire Department

Year Long Fireplace Permit Request Application

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All fields must be filled out for this application to be processed, incomplete forms will be discarded.

Intentionally entering false information is a crime and will make this permit void.

By submitting this form you are; acknowledging the fireplace is compliant with the conditions below, authorizing an inspection of the fireplace and the inspection may take place without prior notice.

    I agree to abide by the following conditions, failure to comply may result in denial or revocation of the permit.

  • The fireplace must be located no less than 25 feet from a structure, trees, brush or other combustible material.
  • The fireplace must have solid non-combustible walls at least 18 inches in height and the diameter of the fireplace shall not be more than 36 inches.
  • A grate/screen/spark arrestor shall be over the top of the fireplace.
  • The area immediately around the fireplace must be clear of dry grass and other combustibles.
  • If the fireplace is commercially manufactured, it will be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Nothing inconsistent with the Maine State Law Title 12, Section 9324(7) only clean firewood shall be burned.
  • Fires must be attended at all times by not less than one competent adult, fires must be completely extinguished when not attended.
  • A charged water hose, 5 gallon bucket full of water or a portable fire extinguisher must be present during all burning.
  • Prior to each use of the fireplace, the owner must confirm that weather conditions allow for burning.
  • Hours to burn are from 9:00am to 12:00 midnight.
  • In accordance with Maine State Law Title 12, Section 9325, any fire that creates a nuisance shall be immediately extinguished upon request.